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Homeopathic Medicine for Weight Loss

There is nothing more frustrating than attempting to lose weight. It can become a vicious cycle; being “virtuous” all day, getting hungry, and then “blowing it” all by overeating at dinnertime. Does this sound familiar?

Even more frustrating is the advice you get from family and friends. “Just eat less and exercise more!” they proclaim. “If only it were that easy,” you think. Obesity is a very complex issue, and simplifying it too much can actually do more harm than good. When advice such as “just don’t snack” or “get moving!” is given, it can make you feel as though it’s all “so elementary” and you must be doing something wrong.

homeopathic medicine for weight lossThe body has millions of systems and billions of processes that it performs daily. Every cell has its own task to carry out. Nothing the body does is “simple,” really. When it comes to weight reduction, you might just need a little help, and that’s where homeopathic medicine fits in.

Homeopathy Can Benefit Multiple Issues Safely

Once you’ve decided that you could benefit from getting a “boost” in your efforts to reduce your weight, you’ll have choices ranging from supplements to programs that include potentially dangerous drugs. While many forgo the doctor’s office, they often find that supplements also carry a risk of negative side effects including anxiousness, racing heartbeat and more.

Whether you suffer from post natal weight gain, emotional overeating, a sluggish metabolism or have appetite control problems, you can find a solution using alternative medicine. Perhaps you have low energy or find yourself reaching for that bag of chips to quell anxiety. Underlying emotional issues can also be addressed with alternative solutions.

Benefits of Homeopathy vs. Traditional Medicine

Homeopathic remedies carry none of the risks of traditional medicine, and that’s just one of the benefits of
reducing your weight with remedies that contain exciting all natural botanicals. Obesity has multiple causes, so it is important to address each one in a multi-pronged approach.

Another benefit of going the alternative route is the ease and convenience of obtaining treatment. No long waits at the doctor's office, no annoyance at feeling rushed once you finally get called to the back and no waiting for the pharmacy to fill an expensive prescription.

Now let's take a look at some of the best ingredients:

Good Homeopathic Remedies for Weight Loss

Calcarea Carbonica: Let the magic of the ocean help you reduce your weight. This is a carbonate of calcium made from the middle layer of oyster shells. Its calming properties can help those who struggle with emotional eating. If you find yourself eating when you’re feeling down, Calcarea Carbonica can help.

Thyroidinum: The thyroid is one of the most important glands in the body for the regulation of metabolism. This dried animal thyroid gland extract is a natural fat burner. It can help you use up more calories throughout the day. Thyroidinum is best for those who weren’t born with a naturally fast “fat burning furnace.”
homeopathic spray

Fucus Vesiculosus: This brown seaweed, also called bladderwrack, is a potent fat burner, and has been found in studies to promote weight loss, improve thyroid function and increase calorie burning. It is one of the most sought-after ingredients for obesity due to its numerous functions in the body.

Phytolacca Berry: This lovely looking botanical plant is also called Pokeweed, and it grows beautiful bright berries in the wild. Like Fucus Vesiculous, it is a fat burner, and it works on the lymphatic system, draining and purifying it for optimum performance.

Nat Phos: Like Phytolacca, Nat Phos optimizes the entire body. It cuts down on the amount of acid in the blood, which is an important component in reducing your weight. It’s a naturally produced salt coming from lactic acid.

Ignatia: This tree that grows in the Philippines and China combats anxiety. Like Calcarea Carbonica, it calms the body and reduces the urge to eat emotionally. This lowering of appetite is critical in cutting the number of calories ingested throughout the day. Ignatia is most suitable for overeating caused by depression.

Esculentine: A natural peptide, Esculentine helps to combat fat throughout the entire system. It cleanses the body of bacteria and fungi, making it clean and efficient. When the body is cleansed, fat burning is facilitated. It shares some things in common with Fucus Vesiculosus and and Phytolacca Berry like purification and fat reduction.


By combining these botanicals, homeopathy offers hope in the ongoing struggle against excess weight, and it does so in a natural, gentle way that is free of side effects, unlike traditional medicines. Prescription drugs only focus on one aspect of obesity and ignore the fact that it can stem from multiple causes. Alternative medicine delivers peace of mind as you carry on your weight loss journey and provides a multi-pronged approach that focuses on the entire system and not just one aspect of weight reduction.

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